Curriculum ⸻

⸻ Global Design Workshop

3D Printing ⸻ & ⸻ Prototyping

⸻ Through physics when prototyping using 3D printing technology, it utilizes 3D printing equipment built on lep and acquires modeling production know-how.

Culture Technology ⸻ & ⸻ Furniture Design Studio

⸻ It will hold a convergence design studio with traditional manufacturing technology experts in various fields such as woodworking, lacquer, and ceramics. Through studio workshops and seminars with experts, understand the know-how of production technology and secure production completeness.

Smart Living Space Design Studio ⸻

⸻ It presents the latest issues and technologies (digital and augmented reality) in residential spaces in a seminar manner, shares, and analyzes them to propose a new concept living space system and spatial design.

Living Design Studio ⸻

⸻ Based on lifestyle research, we discover and understand the problems of modern residential space, and propose directions and design solutions suitable for future residential environments.

Global Design Workshop ⸻

⸻ Various design methods are realized through discussion and discussion through mutual education methods consisting of studio workshops with overseas designers/speakers.