Lifestyle ⸻ Furniture Design Lab

We're training designers ⸻ who ⸻ have the ability to present solutions ⸻ that ⸻ meet new needs ⸻ in a new lifestyle.

The Lab strives to offer practical, cutting-edge education in lifestyle and furniture design with the goal of increasing the quality and sustainability of people’s lives.

It offers an educational program designed to produce designers with integrative thinking skills and the ability to develop designs to meet the needs of the lifestyle and furniture design industries.

It also aims to train competitive designers through the Hyper Designer Training Program, a BK21 Plus Project, as well as international industrial-academic cooperative projects.

The lab’s curriculum comprises numerous courses, including Convergence of Lifestyle Design Studio, Living Space Design and Programming, Furniture Design Planning and Strategy, Furniture Prototyping Design and Consumption Behavior, Cultural Design for Users, Lifestyle and Furniture Design Trends, and Market Forecast.

The lab also collaborates with OCDC (Oriental Culture & Design Center) working toward systematic research and development in East Asian design based on the shared cultural backgrounds of Korea, China, and Japan.

It means that the students can join the main activities of the Center consist of basic research in developing a culture-based framework through isolation and analysis of cultural elements, along with case studies of culture-based design to determine the users, objects, spatial relationships, and factors in clothing, food, and residential cultures.