Curriculum ⸻

⸻ Research Method

User Research ⸻ & ⸻ Market Forecasting

⸻ Based on various user research know-how, the market is predicted and analyzed according to social and cultural perspectives to pioneer new design fields and pave the way for research.

Lifestyle Research ⸻

⸻ As a process of analyzing and conducting research to build a theory on the basis of research papers, it acquires various methods and research methods of collecting current status information, and develops discrimination ability to utilize necessary information.

Living ⸻ & ⸻ Furniture Product Planning

⸻ Based on user analysis, it plans a new lifestyle space, identifies users' needs with a goal of design proposals, and derives solutions based on research know-how on residential spaces and users.

User Culture Design Research ⸻

⸻ It researches and practices various research techniques that can be used directly in design, and plans and practices detailed research techniques such as questionnaire and interviews, and video ethnography, as well as user analysis program NOLDUS The Observer XT.

A Joint Industrial Study ⸻

⸻ With the aim of fostering the workforce desired by the company through joint classes with the company, corporate experts experience the entire process of the company, acquire expertise and experience, grow into creative manpower centered on industrial sites, develop practical skills, and teamwork.